Sustainable Warriors NFTs

The sustainable warriors nft collection includes 6 unique statuettes by the italian maestro vittorio amadio in representation of six urgent climate topics, such as: wildlife, oceans and renewable energies

Formula green is a series of events on sustainability and green-crypto during the first ever formula 1 GP in Miami.

Unique green NFTs - with high quality, verra certified, Redd+ carbon offsets – are offered to contribute to innovative sustainability projects. These 6 green NFTs are limited to a maximum of 10 in each series, for a total of 60 in the “sustainability warriors” collection.

Each of the sustainable warrior statuettes has a base price of $299, except the "energy solar warriors" which cost $999 each.

Maestro Amadio is considered the "Modern Picasso" for his versatile creativity in art, jewelry, fashion and interior design. for more info, visit

Carbon offsets from the sale of these items will be listed here within 24 hours of the auction ending.